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New software for condition monitoring evolution online. The benefits of softwarebased asset inspections for efficient plant operations. The internet of people despite todays impressive advances in instrumentation and automation, there still is no substitute for regular human observation and handson corrective action. When you switch from paperbased operator rounds and checklists to a. The j5 operator rounds functionality allows for full traceability and transparency of records, breaking down additional information silos and resulting in direct savings due to information accuracy, consistent procedure execution, quicker reaction to problems, increased compliance, and, of course, the elimination of errorprone data entry. Discover the new skf system 24, a gas driven singlepoint automatic lubricator, and start to save today.

Implementing an odr program using skf marlin data managers and inspector. The app runs on apple ios, android, or windows 10 devices. This is the work most commonly associated with total productive maintenance. Operations and process automation in ex areas software. Discover how aveva intelatrac mobile operator rounds equips field. Positive identification by barcode eliminates accidental logging of similar assets. See the list of programs recommended by our users below. Training also comes through onepoint lessons visual, one to twopage instruction manuals that provide operators knowledge on a single component of their equipment or a single facet of operatorbased maintenance. Software tailored to skf microlog inspectormarlin user needs. And as operator information progresses from paper to digital form, it is shared faster, allowing for quicker corrective actions.

Operator involvement improves the performance of a. Deviations from normal values will be discussed and, if necessary, reported in the mills maintenance management software. To view more of this video follow the link below to meridiums. The troubleshooting steps should align with the operators skills. This builds a consistent approach across crews and shifts, and alleviates crafts from doing many of the low skill, twominute jobs that operators could do. If a change is made to the elements of a round, the operator will get the latest version on their next login. Customers can install the skf microlog inspector system on multiple devices throughout their organization and download specific inspection rounds directly to the operator. When a plant operator on their rounds sees an equipment issue that. The process is built on a simple realization that equipment operators are usually the first to detect even the smallest changes in machine conditions. This productivityboosting, mobile tool makes operator rounds more efficient, effective and trendable. No sitewide wireless network is needed, because goplant works both online and off. Mar 16, 2020 honeywell forge inspection rounds to digitize endtoend inspection workflows, bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness to any businesses operator rounds. Skfs go plant software helps customers bring operator rounds into the 21 st century by eliminating paper and improving consistency of daily inspections in.

The courses are selflearning online modules that you can take at your own pace and whenever it suits you. The goplant software system can help you schedule your operator. While we do not yet have a description of the skf file format and what it is normally used for, we do know which programs are known to open these files. Goplant from skf is a productivityboostin g, mobile tool that makes operator. Properly trained operations personnel provide the first step in efficiently optimizing performance of a process facility.

Meadwestvaco ken latino discusses operator rounds and. As an original equipment supplier to truck and car manufacturers around the world, skf is a global supplier of high performance aftermarket parts. Daniel carter jr operations reliability specialist. Senior android developer remote option jobs, employment. These keys automatically activate or add new functionality to the base application, hence the name addon. Apr 21, 2014 operator odr rounds are detailed in the inspection technologies they use i. Skfs go plant software helps customers bring operator rounds into the 21 st century by eliminating paper and improving consistency of daily inspections in industrial facilities, supporting. Observations and measurements are stored and after the round uploaded to the database.

There are many software systems on the market that offer services to make operator rounds more efficient. Operator odr rounds are detailed in the inspection technologies they use i. Skf introduces skf machine suite, a comprehensive software solution to integrate inspection, vibration and surveillance data from multiple condition monitoring systems and processes. With datacollect from skf your tablet becomes your new productivit click for details. Skfs go plant software helps customers bring operator rounds into the 21st century by eliminating paper and improving consistency of daily inspections in. Rusty, i get the same from a lot of skf people, envelope acceleration is the beall and end all to a lot of them, but i always rely on plain old acceleration and velocity at the end of the day, sure ge3envelope acceleration has its uses but i learned the hard way a long time ago making calls on it alone isnt the wisest of moves.

Honeywell used a combination of advanced regulatory. A study conducted in 2006 by the manufacturing research center showed that only 38 percent of u. By combining intrinsically safe hardware and customized software solutions, maintenance operations can be initiated before installations are completely damaged, costs are saved, and security is greatly improved. Operator driven reliability odr a process pioneered by skf empowers operators to contribute proactively to a companywide maintenance strategy. Total productive maintenance tpm does not have a great reputation in american industry these days. Automatic bearing lubrication system the skf system 24. It is scalable to your specific needs, whether it is operator inspection rounds, online and periodic condition monitoring data collection or indepth vibration analysis and expert advice. Mar 29, 2018 the importance of operator driven reliability. They specialize in engine, wheel end and drivetrain components. Goplant features bring operator rounds into the 21st. Bring operator rounds into the 21st century with goplants.

Typical operator checks that can be included in odr routes. Oct, 2017 an skf file is a cad drawing created by autosketch, a cad program used for creating 2d conceptual sketches and other technical drawings. By combining intrinsically safe hardware and customized software solutions. Recommended software programs are sorted by os platform windows, macos, linux, ios, android etc. We spend countless hours researching various file formats and software that can open, convert, create or otherwise work with those files. The field advisor solution, which combines honeywell field advisor software with the latest industrial mobile hardware such as the honeywell dolphin family of handheld computers, allows you to transform your operator rounds from difficult, paperbased tracking to automated, efficient data collection and task execution. Industrial software solutions, formerly known as wonderware pacwest, is an industrial automation software company. How operator care rounds support a culture of continuous improvement many manufacturers expect operators to conduct process checks during their shifts. Every day thousands of users submit information to us about which programs they use to open specific types of files. Gothenburg, sweden skf is adding an easier and faster bearing evaluation tool to its shaft analysis software portfolio. Mobile data is communicated quickly and accurately to backend systems of record, providing organizations with an improved ability to design maintenance strategies and safety procedures. Configurable software and ruggedised mobile hardware enable workflow, data collection, and general task management for plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking, and compliance applications. By implementing our configurable and fully integrated platform, operator rounds and inspection data collected in the field will no longer be lost on paper or filed away with no action.

Performance management apm software portfolio puts the power of. Then, the maintenance planner can initiate further measurement and analysis or schedule repairs. Honeywell forge inspection rounds to digitize endtoend inspection workflows, bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness to any businesses operator rounds. Trend and analyze your data with a complete suite of reports. Skf simpro quick bridges the gap between skfs basic online software tools and its recently released flagship multishaft analysis application, skf simpro expert, while maintaining compatibility with skfs inhouse engineering software. Skf files can only be created and opened by autosketch, but can be converted to the. Online or offline no network connection required data collection barcode asset scanning ad hoc operator rounds and task management asset information answer history data and charts. Enhance your operator rounds with goplant, a productivityboosting mobile solution for task management, data collection and decision support. Goplant also manages the schedule for data collection and observational tasks, reminding the operator as work becomes due. Using the skf microlog inspector system as part of an overall odr program can help a facility improve overall condition monitoring activities. Some examples of typical data are shown in table 15. The ljm has a hardness between 60 and 64 hrc rockwell hardness scale. Meet the operator rounds system you have been hoping for.

Softwarebased asset inspections increase your operators efficiency in. Data examples visual checks cleanliness of assets level of oil, coolant, etc. Mobile operator rounds software combined with mobile devices improves operations efficiency, streamlines maintenance management, and increases regulatory. Goplant keeps uptodate plant rounds and checklists organized and available at the operators fingertips. Sustaining operatordriven reliability efficient plant. Skf launches singleshaftmultiple bearing system analysis. Read here what the skf file is, and what application you need to open or convert it.

We have skf dual turbo2000 air dryers available, in 12volt and 24volt models, and turbo3000 air dryers. To minimize downtime, the human element is a critical piece of the puzzle. Mobile operator rounds provides a costeffective solution for monitoring and reporting back on the performance of stranded assets as part of your overall digital transformation strategy. Aveva mobile operator industrial software solutions. Accelerate operator rounds by simply scanning a barcode in order to begin data collection. By supporting communication over a lan, usb, wifi and even cellular data network 3ggprs connection, microlog inspector can transfer data to a remote computer anywhere. These courses are designed to introduce you to the subject and are considered the prerequi. The difference between replacing just an impeller or that and a bearing is 1020% of the cost of replacing the shaft, mechanical seal, and possibly a housing. Field data collection from any smartphone or tablet establish operator routes with assets to be checked during rounds and inspections. Sep 07, 2011 using meridium software meadwestvaco is now able to performing, tracking, and analyzing operator rounds and maintenance pms. Choose the right tool for vibration analysis plant services. Skf hardened precision shaft ljm duisters techniek.

The importance of operator driven reliability pinnacleart. Operators are typically very good at checking performance measures but do not adequately check for reliability aspects of the assets and systems. The goplant mobile app is designed for use by operators in the field. Honeywell forge worker assist expertoncall and video assist to c onnects workers in real time to colleagues in central control rooms or remote offices and other sites when they need. Meridium software was the best fit for irving oil housekeeping surveys alignment to the 4 causes of reliability odr operator rounds asset operating procedures operator rounds installed right designed right operated right maintained right. Hardware and the right applications help to digitize the maintenance work due. Skfs go plant software helps customers bring operator rounds into the 3 days ago save job. Turn your manual data collection process into actionable information with goplant from skf.

The regular inspection of areas and equipment across. Total productive maintenance case study reliable plant. The software makes it easier for your operators to perform rounds and daily. How operator care rounds support a culture of continuous. Goplant modernizes and improves rounds sheets, checklists and inspection processes by using rugged, largescreen tablet computers such as ipads or smart phones rather than paper forms.

The software manages data from both portable and online data acquisition devices so that users can consolidate and analyze data and share machine condition. Learn how operators and managers can improve machinery performance and output here. Inspector software and used to create your plants asset hierarchy and operator inspection rounds. By implementing our configurable and fully integrated platform, operator rounds and inspection data collected in the field will no longer be lost on paper or filed away with.

Additionally, three different base applications are available. An incomplete view of your critical asset health is a recipe for downtime, lost revenue and regulatory tangles. Blog fas bring operator rounds into the 21st century. Combined with the skf microlog inspector skf marlin system, it enables operations personnel to make their rounds, collecting machine condition, inspection and process data easily and efficiently in the palmsized unit. The skf hardened precision shaft ljm is a solid shaft of highquality hardened steel cf53. The industryleading mobile workforce and decision support system.

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